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Dear Fellow Marketer,

Imagine this...

You've spent weeks working on your product. All those blurry-eyed hours in front of the computer. All those late nights. All that effort.

Then the big launch day arrives. Your launch partners email their lists. With a shaky, sweaty hand that reveals your nervous excitement, you click the mouse to send an email to your list...

A deep breath. Your heart pounds. You lean forward in your chair with anticipation...

Minutes tick by: Nothing. An hour is gone. And still nothing happens.

You check your live web stats. People are streaming in like crazy. You check your payment processor and website. Everything is up and running.

You expected to see a few thousand dollars in your Paypal account by now. But all you're seeing are blanks in the "sales" column. It's like a ghost town - dead silent. And you're wondering...

What Happened to All Your Sales and Money?

This is when the cold, hard truth settles in: Your sales letter stinks. It couldn't give away free water in the desert.

Yikes! Now that's every marketer's worse nightmare, isn't it?

Hopefully the above disturbing story doesn't sound familiar to you. And if the thought of pouring your heart and soul into a project and then not making a dime scares you witless (and it should!), then you'll be glad you're reading this letter...

Introducing the Power Copy Club Silver Membership...

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At last! You'll discover the secrets of creating profit-pulling headlines!

Plus I'll even walk you through a couple examples to show you how to turn a bland headline into a sizzling-hot headline!

Boost your response rate using these 12 amazing trigger words that work like magic!

You'll find out how to create a sales letter opener that gets your readers hanging on your every word!

You've heard of storytelling selling - now you'll find out why it works so well!

How to whip your prospects into a foaming-at-the-mouth frenzy that sends them scrambling to buy your product!

Plus you'll find out what to do when your prospect doesn't believe you!

Revealed: How to close more sales, more often! (And that puts more money in your pocket!)

Plus you'll discover five proven urgency tactics you can use to persuade your prospects to buy NOW!

You'll even learn four ways to create a P.S. that turns your skimming readers into eager customers!

And much more! By the time you've finished devouring this amazing report and video, you'll know how to create cash-pulling sales letters that sizzle!

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The Power Copy Club Team

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